Fleurishes! Exquisite Florals Subscription Plan

Fleurishes! Exquisite Florals Subscription Plan

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Each week, delight in a stunning arrangement of absolutely gorgeous, and sometimes quirky blooms, that arrive in either a glass, ceramic or metal container, which is provided on an on loan basis.  Now, imagine, the floral arrangement and container are updated on a weekly basis - on a day as determined by you.  And after the initial delivery, a weekly delivery schedule is maintained, whereby a new fresh floral arrangement is delivered, as per agreement, in a different, yet equally fetching, glass, ceramic or metal vessel - the floral container provided with the previous arrangement is then picked up and replaced with an arrangement as stunning as the previous floral arrangement!  This subscription plan requires a 4 week minimum commitment and is a hassle-free way to ensure a fresh supply of florals are always a part of one's life! 

Please Note:  The floral container the floral arrangement arrives in is supplied on an on loan basis - unless otherwise stipulated -, with the original container supplied to be replaced with a different floral arrangement and container each week.  Each fresh floral arrangement arrives fully furnished in a disinfected container and supplied with water containing floral preservative, to keep the flowers fresh for the week.  As simple as that!  Each week, the original container is replaced and the flowers are yours to keep, naturally!  Just sit back, smell the flowers and enjoy!  We do the rest!

Subscription Floral Arrangements for a minimum 4 week plan, come in the following sizes:

Luxurious $65. per Bouquet
Large $45. per Bouquet
Medium  $25. per Bouquet
Small $15. per Bouquet

12 Ultra Premium Grade Long Stem Roses $65. per Bouquet - includes premium flower fillers and luxurious greens

{All prices include delivery and pick up)

Subscription Plan:
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