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A Dream Wedding... '18

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Live the Dream...

Wedding and Special Events Estimated Price Quote

The Consultation...

The Consultation is a very important first step in scheduling your Wedding or Special Event with us.  In order to fully understand what each client would like for their special event, a Floral Consultation is required for us to provide an accurate price quote and for all parties involved to be fully informed of all details.  Floral Consultations may be conducted in person - preferred - of via Skype, as an option for those that may not be able to meet in person.  We DO NOT provide price quotes via email prior to a Floral Consultation.  To assist our clients in understanding all details and in budgeting for flowers, we have complied and provided an extensive list below as a general guide.  

A $65 Consultation Fee is required upon scheduling a consultation, and is applied to the total cost of the Wedding or Special Event, upon signing a Contractual Agreement for our floral services.  This consultation fee shall be immediately deducted from the price quote, and shall be specified as a deduction on account of the consultation fee.      

What to Know...

The prices quoted below are for standard bridal and special event floral arrangements using seasonal flowers; these prices are subject to change for arrangements using botanicals that are exotic, out of season or elaborate in design.  An accurate price quote shall be provided within 2 business days of the Floral Consultation, when a better understanding of the design expectation is discussed.  

Upon sending through a Finalized Price Quote and Design Concept to the client, a copy of the Wedding and Special Events Agreement shall be included alongside the aforementioned information, and shall be valid in price for one month following the initial submission of the final price quote to the respective client. 

Please Note:  All Wedding and Special Events Florals require a four week minimum lead time to ensure sufficient time to order the botanicals and have them prepared and ready for the special event.

What to Bring...

In order to better prepare for the Floral Consultation, and because the of the truly unique floral arrangements Fleurishes! (by JuJu) specializes in, we ask all potential clients to please bring with them to the floral consultation:  Any images of flowers or floral arrangements, fabric or ribbon swatches, colours selected for the special event, even images of items or places of sentiment that the prospective client might wish to have represented or conveyed in the floral designs - as an example, please, see the “For the Love of Venice ‘17 Collection”, for an insight into the creativity involved in the design process of our work and the final design of the floral arrangement.  The possibilities of design and the level of creativity are endless.

What to Consider...

For the Floral Consultations please consider, and have ready the exact number of the various floral arrangements required for your special event - this helps in providing an exact price quote for the special event.  In order to help us make your dream event a reality, please consider the various venues, and the number of floral arrangements needed to help make your special day, both breathtaking and unforgettable - we do the the rest!

Bouquets & Hair Pieces
    •    Bridal bouquet
    •    Bride's hair piece
    •    Bridesmaids
    •    Tossing bouquet
    •    Flower girls
Corsages & Boutonnieres
    •    Groom
    •    Groomsmen
    •    Ring bearer
    •    Mother of the bride
    •    Mother of the groom
    •    Father of the bride
    •    Father of the groom
    •    Grandmothers
    •    Grandfathers
    •    Officiants
    •    Ushers
Ceremony Flowers
    •    Entryway
    •    Welcome table
    •    Altar/chuppah
    •    Pews or chairs
    •    Candles
    •    Aisle decorations
    •    Tossing petals
Reception Flowers
    •    Cocktail tables
    •    Bar area
    •    Gift or card table
    •    Dining table centrepieces
    •    Bride & groom chairs
    •    Buffet-table/food-station
    •    Lounge area
    •    Flowers for wedding cake
    •    Cake table
    •    Powder room decorations
    •    Getaway car

What to Expect...

Tentative Price Guide for Standard Floral Arrangements, Using Seasonal Flowers

The prices quoted below are intended as a tentative guide, to help in setting up a budget for Weddings and Special Events:

Bridal Bouquet  $200

Bridesmaids Bouquet $90

Groom’s Boutonnière  $15

Best Man’s Boutonnière  $12.50

Corsage (Pin On)  $25

Corsage (Wrist)  $25

Altar Arrangement $250

Pedestal Rental for Altar Arrangement  $300

Table Centre Pieces $125

Additional Celebration Arrangements $125

Please feel free to Schedule a Floral Consultation for an accurate estimate for your Special Event!